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The forest is an important ecosystem: it provides a habitat for thousands of animal and hundreds of plant species, is the second most important oxygen producer, it ensures drinking water and provides protection against soil erosion.

All visitors can explore the forest in its importance, its versatility but also in its protection need to know. On our camp site the forest is the largest habitat in all its different forms. Whether the foothills along the entrance to the camping ground, the alder forest around the clay pits or the red beech forest on the bank to the Kleiner Pältizsee, all are important habitats. But they are also areas to learn about and to get to know nature.

The VCP has set itself the goal of enabling both at the site: animals provide a habitat that can also be used for natural experiences. We provide the "Module Forest" on site, consisting of a working aid (at the moment only available in german language) and a stuffed material crate. The working aid describes numerous actions and methods to counter plant and animal wealth in the forest and to make ecological connections holistically experienceable. In the crate, all necessary materials are included for the described actions.
(German Words: Esther Koch, Kassel; Translation: Volker Schultz)