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Wir kochen grün / Green cooking

Our own cookbook!

A cookbook for a campsite?

Pretty ambitious. But the campsite Großzerlang is also an ambitious project.

The cookbook "Wir kochen grün" wants to invite you to cook healthy and delicious from regional and seasonal products. Regional vegetables such as "Teltower Rübchen" and a Mecklenburg version of the "Leipziger Allerlei" can be found as well as camp classics such as chilli con carne, kettle goulash and potato salad. But even here, the cookbook invites you to experiment. Because many classics such as lentil soup and fried potatoes taste quite different and new with exotic spices. That's why there is also a herbal ABC and a seasonal calendar. And even the sweet-toothed come to their right: In addition to sweet dumplings and fruity desserts, there is also a recipe for cakes. Not only the recipes are (almost all) stocked and easy.

The cookbook has a dust jacket and a ring binding, all sides are laminated and forgive sometimes water and fat splashes. "Wir kochen grün" can be borrowed on the site or in the Headquarter of the VCP. (Sorry: It´s at the moment only available in german language)

That´s how it looks!

You can borrow the book at the site or download it here.