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Pollination Garden

Pollination is a highly developed and finely-differentiated process in the ecological system. Pollination is of fundamental importance for life on earth - both for the conservation of biodiversity and for human and animal nutrition.

On our campsite in Großzerlang, we have created a pollination garden. We would like to inform our guests of the important principle of pollination and to make them aware of the biodiversity. What is pollination? How does it work? What is the benefit to man? What domestic species of pollinators are there? Which plants are important to them?

These and other questions can be visited by our visitors themselves. We lend a well-filled material box on site, which invites us to explore the theme field ourselves. Experiments and action proposals are described in the accompanying booklet. The book also provides background information on the topic of pollination, but also on animals and plants in the pollination areas.

Further research opportunities are also offered by two stations on the Meadow with scattered fruit trees, the center of the pollination facility. The focus is on the bee, which has a special position in the system due to its diverse way of life. Central element is the bee hotel. On the opposite slope, bees can be observed in their natural habitat. At the other station are growing plants, which are visited by various stakeholder groups.

In the barnyard, tables are displayed at the individual stations.
(Words: Esther Koch, Kassel)