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Bee Hotel

Wild and solitary bees struggle for survival in a territory with poor scenery, depending on designated locations for breeding. This selfbuilt beehive combines most diverse nesting site demands and therefore offers a compensatory habitat.

Clay serves species which are used to breed in tubes as a perfect building material. In logs, insects find prebored holes as they naturally would in deadwood. Elder bush acts as a substitute for species who build their tubes in stalks. During season the hotel is totally “booked up” and tons of bees collect pollen and bring it to their hatchery.

On strict observation one is able to distinguish individual species and maybe even spot a cuckoo bee, laying its eggs in other bee’s breeding tubes. At your home, an insect inn is sufficient. Tied up and hanged stalks of elder or reed, log, or mudbrick in your backyard or on your balcony will be filled with life in no time.
(Words: Philipp Wagner)