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Welcome at the VCP Guide and Scout center in Großzerlang !

To be able to arrive at a campsite also via waterway is not so usual. However, this is one of the special features of the VCP Guide and Scout centre in Großzerlang. The twelve-hectare-seized campsite is located near by the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Then, a brickyard and afterwards a holiday home were located on the area of the campsite. Despite of extensive new and modification building activities the past is still discoverable.

This landscape is really stunning. If you want to experience it, activities in nature and the life at a campsite offer the best preconditions.

Großzerlang is located in the German Federal State of Brandenburg, about 100 kilometers north-westward of Berlin. The nearest bigger cities are Rheinsberg and Neuruppin.

The VCP Bundeszeltplatz is a Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES) and provides an opportunity for Guides and Scouts to visit natural areas, engage in environmental education programmes and see first-hand examples of environmental management in practice. Moreover, the VCP Bundeszeltplatz hosts a biodiversity and we protect and develop natural habitats on the campside. Moreover we planted a fruit tree meadow and included it into our education programme. As a SCENES Centre we recognise and celebrate the diversity of environments and cultures around the world but are flexible to adapt to local needs.

What is VCP ?

The Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) is the Association of Christian Girl Guides and Boy Scouts in Germany. Find out more about us here !

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